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The Golden Foundation Residency Program is specifically designed to assist the professional artist in discovering and exploring the many materials and technologies available today. Through the Golden Foundation, residents will have the unparalleled opportunity to work with dozens of unique materials and technologies. Out of 320 applicants, 18 artists were chosen for the 2019 residency cycle:
Natessa Amin, Kerri Ammirata, Max Bard, Melissa Dorn, John Ford, Austin Furtak-Cole, Sue Johnson, Keri Kimura, Sophie Knight, Hiromitsu Kuroo, Danielle Lawrence, Barbara Marks, Siobhan McBride, Danielle Muzina, Eryn O’Neill, Michael Royce, Kate Stewart and Hannah Wade.



THETA RESONANCE, solo exhibition (traveling)

Theta Resonance refers to the theta state of the brain during meditation, REM sleep and hypnosis. Characteristic of the theta state, brain wave frequencies slow down and the subject is often able to occupy a space between the conscious and the subconscious. The parallel between my painting practice and meditation practice is evident in my own synesthetic responses to sounds and thoughts in the form of visual sensations such as color, light and space.

May 17- June 8, 2019 // OPENING RECEPTION Friday May 17th, 5-7pm

Ejecta Projects

136 West High Street, Carlisle, PA

March 7- April 5, 2019 // OPENING RECEPTION Wednesday March 20th, 5-8pm

Knauer Gallery, West Chester University

Swope Music Building

118 South High Street, West Chester, PA


NATURAL DYE GARDEN DESIGN, West Chester University


D E S I G N  A C C E P T E D .  P R O J E C T  U N D E R W A Y !

In collaboration with The Department of Grounds at WCU, I designed and received approval for a Campus Natural Dye Garden. The garden will be installed at the High Street entrance of E.O. Bull Center for the Arts and will serve as an educational space for the community to learn about the history, sustainability and practice of natural dyeing techniques. I will be leading workshops for interested members of the campus and local community to learn more about natural dyeing techniques in fall 2019.


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