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Nocturne | 2013

Running time: 6:00 min.


"Nocturne", a video piece I created as a companion to Patricia Powell's performance of Samuel Barber's "Nocturne" celebrates the quintessential dark mood of all nocturnes through the use of footage I shot at nightfall.  I found that Patricia's decision to slow down the playing of the piece allows the mind to wander a bit more, which was essential to my interpretation through video.  I wanted the video to reveal the space and air that the slower version offered, so I decided to structure the piece to resemble the mind wandering.  I felt that this was an important aspect of our historical desire to convene with nature, as both a meditative experience and an escape from the everyday.  I was also compelled to use imagery that conjured a looming eeriness and a sense of wonder simultaneously to emphasize the mood in this particular nocturne.  


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